• Original Oil Paintings For Sale By Scottish Artist, Yulia Allan

An original Scottish painting makes a wonderful and very personal gift for a loved one. You can select an original painting from the online art gallery, or I can paint you one to your requirements. I can send my paintings anywhere in the world at low cost and free postage is available in the UK.

Yulia Allan is a Scottish artist working out of her home studio in Gorebridge, Midlothian. Yulia originally hails from Ukraine and came to Scotland after getting married and immediately fell in love with the country of Scotland, its people and its spectacular scenery.

Yulia Allan has exhibited across Scotland including The Laurel Gallery (Hanover Fine Arts), Holroyd Gallery, MacGregor Fine Arts, Waterside Art Gallery and the Scottish Borders Art Fair and her paintings are now available online for you to purchase and enjoy.

Every one of her paintings is completely original and manages to inspire and evoke a deep, emotional response.

Yulia Allan’s original Scottish art focusses on the amazing rural environment of the Scottish countryside. Every one of Yulia’s paintings is unique and her work always captures the very essence of the place she paints.

Her work to date includes a wide variety of Scottish landscapes and seascapes including Glamis and Kilchurn Castle, Loch Ness and Loch Lomond, Bass Rock, Plockton, Glen Coe and many other areas of natural beauty.

Painting in oils, Yulia Allan’s artwork is particularly noteworthy for its close attention to shades, contrasts and textures and the way she can capture the heart and soul of every scene she paints.

Yulia Allan’s artwork captures both the rigorous and rugged nature of the Scottish landscape but also its peaceful serene and pastoral nature of much of it. From the breathtaking heights of the Scottish Highlands to the rolling hills of the Scottish borders, Yulia Allan’s original Scottish landscape paintings manage to capture both the energy and beauty of these spectacular landscapes.

From lonely, windswept beachscapes to more dramatic rocky coastal landscapes, Yulia Allen’s original Scottish seascapes capture the wild Scottish beauty in these amazing locations. Every one of Yulia Allan’s coastal paintings manages to really capture the energy that exists in these amazing places.

Scottish art has long been regarded as some of the most original and beautiful in the world. With some of the most dynamic and breathtaking scenery on the planet and a long and distinguished history, Scottish artists have inspiration every where they turn. From rugged mountainscapes to gentle pastures and from turbulent icy seas to tranquil mountain lakes, Scotland offers mesmerizing landscapes wherever you are.

Paintings evoke emotions like no other gift can. Other gifts may provide short-term happiness but this is limited. You form an emotional attachment to a painting and relate to them in your own, personal way. Buying original Scottish landscape paintings and looking at them every day can also lift your mood and motivate you.

Did you know that you can ask Yulia to paint you an original Scottish artwork to your exact requirements?

If there’s a special place in Scotland that you would love to see a picture of hanging in your living room, Yulia can paint you a truly original painting of your favourite Scottish location.

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